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The yoga movement wellness series will be a 6 weeks group for clients of Love and Kindness Wellness. We will explore mindful movement and yoga in a trauma-informed and therapeutic setting. The yoga and movement will be accessible to all from beginners to advanced. We will explore a variety of mental/emotional/spiritual ailments and learn wholistic tools to support our wellness.

“This class is accessible and welcoming to all. If you have any questions please email [email protected].”
Rysse Guzman, Yoga Series Facilitator

In many spaces, yoga can be oppressive, non-inclusive, and competitive. This class aims to make yoga accessible to all levels and bodies. We will practice yoga beyond accomplishing a pose and instead explore yoga as practice that is always in process.

This class will be taught by a Buddhist Psychotherapist from Quisqueya (Dominican Republic) who has practiced yoga as a medicine to heal from trauma and life-altering crisis. As a yoga teacher, Rysse encourages people to tune into their own wisdom and go at their own pace.

Our Classes

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Every First Wednesday

In this class, we will explore how to shift out of a state of anxiety and panic, to a state of feeling grounded, safe, and breathing deeper. We will explore expanding our capacity to be with chaos and learn tools we can use off the mat to lessen anxiety.


Every Second Wednesday

In this class, we will explore how we can tune to the vibration of abundance through movement and yoga. We will practice releasing and making space for what we wish to manifest. We will explore unlocking possibilities that were not available to us in scarcity mode.


Every Third Wednesday

In this class, we will explore how to hold space for depression and support movement of depressive energies in our bodies. We will guide our bodies from feeling stuck to being in a flow state.


Every Fourth Wednesday

In this class, we will explore releasing stuck trauma in the body. Through gentle movement and trauma release exercises, we will practice resourcing ourselves so that the body feels safe enough to release pain and survival strategies that no longer serve us.


The Best of Yoga


Yoga supports moving stagnant energy from the body and opens up pathways of free-flowing energy and motivation.


Yoga promotes self-compassion and strength in the body causing an increase in confidence.

Spiritual Connection

Yoga is a spiritual practice that connects us to spirituality as a resource for well being.

Relax & Ease

Yoga helps us calm our nervous system and surrender into a state of rest in the body.

Stress Relief

Yoga helps us release stress and tension build up in the body. Stress relief effects go beyond the mat and into everyday life.

Strengthen The Immune System

Yoga is medicine to the body which supports the natural immune strength of the body to flourish.

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