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We believe in the Wellness of the Community. Prioritize your Self-Care and Wellness Today. Wellness is holistic and encompasses many areas. Let us help you navigate your wellness journey!

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Explore The Seven Dimensions of Wellness With Us

Emotional - Psychological

Physical - Fitness & Nutrition



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A quick Preview

Wellness Therapy

Movement Therapy

Heal Groove Movement

Heal, Groove Movement is a dance class featuring dance movement rooted in self-confidence, self-appreciation, and self-love! The goal for students is to reach a level of catharsis or release. Movers are encouraged to use whole body movement, emotion-based prompts, and choreography as a form of dance therapy/healing to explore and express a range of emotions. No previous dance skill is required.

Purpose Driven Events

Wellness Therapy

Mending our wounds and reclaiming our bodies

Black Women Speak

Black Women Speak” is a monthly circle where Black women lend their voices to various issues ranging from colonization to the significance of our hair. This circle was designed as a safe space for Black women to build fellowship and to create a community of people interested in stimulating conversation. Furthermore, it serves as a place where voices often silenced can be heard and validated.

Moving through grief as a pathway to Social Justice

Grief Workshop

This workshop is a place where we can dive deeper into our grief spots and recognize the various levels and root cause of grief. Explore the collective and Intergenerational nature of our grief. We will be using indigenous land based approaches, and tap into our ancestral medicines and land to move towards wellness.