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We believe in the Wellness of the Community. Prioritize your Self-Care and Wellness Today. Wellness is holistic and encompasses many areas. Let us enhance your wellness journey, through thoughtfully curated events !

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Together We Rise

Every Wednesday from January 12 – March 2, 2022

Coparenting to Raise Joyful Humans

This group is for single parents and their co-parents who seek to improve, enhance and strengthen the familial relationship for the purposes and benefit of raising healthy children. Participants will learn how to engage with their co-parent in respectful, and potentially even amiable, ways that promote the growth of the co-parenting relationship dynamic. Tools and techniques include but are not limited to:
  • practice listening and hearing your fellow co-parent
  • establishing and respecting boundaries
  • improving skills at managing individual trauma and histories
  • improved awareness of what triggers the other co-parent

If you work it, it is worth it

January 22, 2022 @ 1:00pm

Manifesting Your 2022!

As we enter the year 2022, let us cultivate a space of peace, safety, love, and a season of manifestation.

Please join us on January 22, 2022, in-person or virtually to manifest the life you deserve while pushing past those lingering limited beliefs

Wellness Event

2nd Sunday Of Every Month

Nurturing The Helper

This group is an opportunity for us to resource ourselves and lean into land-based practices. It is open to all IFOT/ITFL graduates. 


Occurs Every Monday Evening

Join Jocelyn For A 1 Hour Yoga Practice

Jocelyn is an Intuitive Healer and brings her commitment to having people present to love and fully share their love for themselves and others through the somatic work she offers with her business,  Sharing Hearts Yoga and Wellness.

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Wellness Workshops and Events 

If you experience any difficulty in the sign up process, please drop us an email at [email protected]

Flyer for Heal Groove Movement

Wellness Events

Occurs Every Other Tuesday

Heal Groove Movement

Heal, Groove Movement is a dance class featuring dance movement rooted in self-confidence, self-appreciation, and self-love! The goal for students is to reach a level of catharsis or release. Movers are encouraged to use whole body movement, emotion-based prompts, and choreography as a form of dance therapy/healing to explore and express a range of emotions. No previous dance skill is required.

If  you would like to attend in-person reach out to us at [email protected]

Refresh and Renew in 2022!

Occurs Every fourth Friday

Black Women Speak

Black Women Speak” is a monthly circle where Black women lend their voices to various issues ranging from colonization to the significance of our hair. This circle was designed as a safe space for Black women to build fellowship and to create a community of people interested in stimulating conversation. Furthermore, it serves as a place where voices often silenced can be heard and validated.

Past Events May Re-occur Based on Demand:
 Schedule To Be Announced  

Wellness Events

4 Part Series

November 16 – December 14, 2021

Coping Through The Holidays

The holiday season is a time of joy, wonder and family, but few talk about how isolating, expensive and disappointing it can be. It’s not surprising that depression increases during the holidays; especially one that occurs during a global pandemic, economic decline and mental health crisis. In this brief workshop, we won’t cure any of these social issues, but we will explore creative ways to manage depression during the holidays, through art therapy. We won’t need any artistic skill, but a curious mind and will to try something new.

Flyer for Heal Groove Movement

Wellness Events

October 13, 2021 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Healing Circle Centering On The Haitian Experience

The Haitian community has had to endure many trials throughout its history that have been largely unhealed. Join us as we heal our minds, bodies, and spirits around the Haitian experience.


8 Session Training Course

September, 2021

ITFL Certificate Training Workshop

ITFL emphasizes knowledge and application through classroom instruction, applied scenario-based learning, and clinical practice and supervision (when taught to clinicians). A variety of Indigenous treatment modalities are woven throughout, including experiential exercises, storytelling, ceremonial processes and land-based healing techniques. Together these provide concrete tools and approaches for working with complex trauma in ways that avoid burnout and triggering, while at the same time maximizing impact and achieving better outcomes.

Flyer for Heal Groove Movement

Wellness Events

October 13, 2021 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Haitian Day Of Healing

LK Wellness is inviting members of the Haitian community to join us for a day of healing on August 21, 2021 from 11am – 2:30pm. The Haitian community has had to endure many trials throughout its history that have been largely unhealed. Join us as we heal our minds, bodies, and spirits through discussion, movement, and meditation.


Wellness Events

The Right Ingredients

The right ingredients benefit the body which benefits the mind. Join me in a vegan cooking session which we would cook with fresh herbs and vegetables that are beneficial to your mind and body

Flyer for Collaboration with Impacct Brooklyn event

Collaboration with IMPACCT Brooklyn

Money Management

In this workshop you will learn the different types of savings account. How to control day to day spending. How to Set financial goals and making a spending plan to meet your goals. You will also learn different strategies to increase your savings.


Moving through grief as a pathway to Social Justice

Grief Workshop

This workshop is a place where we can dive deeper into our grief spots and recognize the various levels and root cause of grief. Explore the collective and Intergenerational nature of our grief. We will be using indigenous land based approaches, and tap into our ancestral medicines and land to move towards wellness.


Intentionally connecting mind, body, and spirit with Orisa and your Ancestors

Align-Meant through Orisa Song

In this workshop, you will be encouraged to have a full-body experience with Orisa music. You will learn some of the attributes and healing powers of the Orisas that we will be singing about. This is an interactive/experiential moment in time together where we can experience the power of music and it’s healing benefits. May your Ancestors and the Orisa continue to guide you in the amazing connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

Flyer for dreaming the dark: new moon intention setting

New Moon Intention Setting

Dreaming the Dark

Join Keshia Cameron and Vanessa Nisperos as we use the darkest night of the month to dream in the dark and imagine the future that will best serve our health and healing.


Managing feelings of school fatigue

From Burnout To Wellness

In this workshop we will explore ways to maintain wellness while balancing school and personal responsibilities. We will process the inner critic also known as “imposter syndrome”.
Goals of this workshop are: To identify sources of wellness To discover ways to remain checked in when we’re checked out  Reflecting on our motivation and desire (Finding our “why”)
From Burnt Out to Wellness Flyer

Wellness Events

Art and Connection

Description: In this art therapy workshop we will explore how art making can help us connect with each other, and in turn ourselves, especially in the age of social distancing.


Wellness Events

Calming My Big Feelings

An interactive workshop for kids and their grown-ups
Joaquin and Marley, 8 year old twin brothers, will share:
– Deep breathing exercises that kids and grownups can do to calm their big feelings
– Self soothing strategies to choose from when you have big feelings and need a break
– Tips for grown-ups on how to have patience with the children in their lives.

Flyer for Event Calming My Big Feelings

Learn How To Focus

Focus Workshop

Have you heard people say, I need to focus? Well, this is an opportunity to learn how to focus, not the kind that keeps your attention on one thing. This is a Virtual Event open to self-identified BIPOC communities

Transcending space and time through movement


Movement Workshop

In this workshop, we explore the art of the body and our embodied knowledge, by using spiritual dance movement, traditional Haitian drumming, controlled breathing, concentration and whole body movement. As we embrace our full selves through our emotions and movements, we will encourage consistent practice and growth in a workout that centers holistic health and thoroughly acknowledges that there is healing in movement. 


A six weeks meditation course facilitated by DaRa Williams & Isabel Adon.



In this course we will explore ways to stay present and connected, harvest the bounty of loving kindness towards ourselves and others, cultivate compassion with a boundless heart, feel joy for others when they are doing well and find balance when feeling overwhelmed and stressed in response to daily life.
The course will be facilitated by DaRa Williams, who has practiced vipassana meditation for 25 years; and Isabel Adon who has practiced for more than 15 years.