Marie Janiszewski

Mental Health Counselor Candidate

Junior Therapist, under supervision of Dr. Danielle Waldron

Marie Janiszewski (she/her) is a graduate student in Naropa University’s Clinical Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling program. She practices from a trauma-informed, client-centered, and strengths-based lens, with an emphasis in mindfulness and body-focusing. She has specialized training in somatic approaches, including Hakomi, Gestalt, and Focusing-Oriented therapies.

Marie completed her Practicum Clinical Placement at ‘Ai Pono Maui, a residential treatment center for women with disordered eating. Here, she gained clinical hands-on experience with acute trauma-informed approaches, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), art therapy, group therapy, and holistic addictions treatment.

Bridging East, West, and indigenous approaches to therapy is a part of Marie’s practice and her ancestral lineage. Raised in Hawai’i with half-Japanese lineage, these mindfulness and land-based perspectives are integral to Marie’s therapeutic orientation.

She acknowledges the important role that culture, ancestry, family, and society play in the holistic health of the individual. Therefore, Marie brings a culturally-sensitive social justice lens that explores the external factors that contribute to the causes and conditions that affect her clients’ emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

In her free time, Marie loves to surf (yes, even in NY!), bike around the city, oil paint, share meals with family, grow vegetables, dance, and meditate. She is also a researcher at Harvard University’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health, where she has spent the past five years conducting studies on the effects of nutrition and the environment on individual and societal health.