Jiayue Mao

Psychotherapist, MHC-LP

Jiayue is passionate about mental health advocacy for racial minorities. She was born and raised in Mainland China, studied in the United States, and currently resides in New York. She is a mental health counselor in NY and an associate counselor in NJ. During her studies at NYU, Jiayue engaged in intensive study about human development and the critical role of the therapeutic relationship in the healing process. Jiayue prides herself on creating a safe space for the cultivation of strong, authentic bonds between her and her clients. She believes this is a vital aspect of predicting how well a client will move through their journey of self-development.

Jiayue provides bilingual therapy in both English and Mandarin. Her professional orientation includes a psychodynamic/relational perspective and a client-centered approach. She believes a genuine presence and curiosity in a therapeutic relationship is the foundation for healing and growth.

When not absorbed in therapeutic work with her clients, Jiayue enjoys classical music, poetry, and engaging in philosophical thinking. The power of these creative outlets is profound and informs Jiayue’s clinical interventions. She holds the therapeutic relationship sacred and aims to bring the power of mindfulness and emotional awareness to her clients’ presenting concerns and challenges.