Javere Pinnock

Psychotherapist, LCAT


Over the past 8 years, I’ve cultivated a therapeutic practice that centers creativity as a tool for problem solving. I’d imagine that we’ve all had an experience where we’ve engaged in an activity that made us focus, relax and lose track of all time and stress. My work as a Licensed Creative Art Therapist is built on the concept of finding creative ways to flow and release psychological stress. This allows more space for our ingenuity and problem solving abilities to grow and flourish. When our minds are clear we are better able to invest in our lives and balance our relationships.

Creativity also allows us to learn about ourselves and communicate beyond words. Accordingly, your sessions with me will be tailored to your unique experiences by centering identity exploration, including cultural identity. I believe it is helpful to know how your ancestors healed themselves through trauma, and what strengths lay in the cultural communities you identify with (eg. ethnicity, sexual identity, work role or social media sub-cultural group, such as “Black Twitter”).

Lastly, our sessions may incorporate traditional talk therapy and traumainformed interventions. I will also utilize clinical skills developed while working with survivors of personal and mass trauma, people living in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, and virtually, with people experiencing stress because of the COVID-19 pandemic and civil racial unrest of 2020.

Approved Biography 10.01.2020