Dr. Danielle Waldron

Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D


Dr. Danielle Waldron is a clinical psychologist with years of experience working in a variety of settings including a college counseling center, in- patient and outpatient clinics at city and private hospitals, and community clinics. Additionally, she has experience completing psychoeducational evaluations. She has provided brief and long-term psychotherapy to adults and couples presenting with various concerns including but not limited to difficulties with interpersonal conflicts, depression, anxiety, and every day stressors.

Dr. Waldron’s theoretical orientation is psychodynamic integrated with elements of cognitive behavioral therapy. She strongly believes that childhood experiences and interpersonal relationships significantly impact the formation of one’s personality, cognitive processes, and modes of behavior in adulthood. For her, each person is unique and so is his/her narrative. By striving to adopt a clean slate before meeting with a client, she gives him/her the opportunity to weave a personal narrative without a therapist who rushes to make assumptions and judgments about their experiences. While there may be common themes among clients, the presentation of difficulties may vary, especially if there are cultural considerations involved.

Outside of providing individual psychotherapy, Dr. Waldron is a co-leader for the “Black Women Speak” and the grief group at Love and Kindness Wellness Services. Additionally, she is the face and voice of the YouTube series “Conversations on the Couch.” Finally, she currently serves as the Brooklyn Council Representative for the New York State Psychological Association (NYSPA) and a member of the Brooklyn Psychological Association (BPA).

Dr. Waldron earned her MA and Ph.D. from Adelphi University’s Derner School of Psychology in New York. Her dissertation research focused on the attitudes and beliefs people of Caribbean descent hold about mental illness.

Approved Biography 5.1.2020