Denielle Patterson

Psychotherapist, MHC-LP

Denielle Patterson (she/her) is a young Black woman, a Brooklynite, a child of Caribbean-immigrant parents, & millennial. She is a therapist, focused on supporting clients, especially children and adolescents, through their one-of-a-kind therapeutic journeys. She is an educator, teaching Social Emotional Learning to Middle Schoolers, supporting students as they navigate developmental years.

Denielle has experience with anxiety, depression, grief, boundary work, relationship stressors, past family trauma and more. She has worked with individuals (childhood to adulthood), couples, and families. Her approach to therapy includes REBT, CBT, & Somatic work as she continues to become informed and trained in various therapeutic modalities. Working with clients, Denielle uses a person-centered approach, creating a non-judgmental and welcoming healing space. Somatic work is often a focus in sessions, using it often to build a connection between body & mind with clients. She believes that there is a lot of value in exploring this unique relationship and being mindful of how our bodies hold onto emotional experiences. When working with younger clients, Denielle relies more on hands-on interventions to help facilitate healing and growth; utilizing Sand tray activities, art therapy, role playing & puppet work.

Denielle’s therapeutic focus is on helping clients become mindful of unhelpful boundaries, ideas, and beliefs that can be impacting personal growth. Then, she supports clients to transform these beliefs to more understanding, patient, and realistic ones. Denielle’s acknowledges all parts of her clients, including gender/racial identities, ethnic backgrounds, and cultural experiences. She accounts for these individual aspects of life as well as their impact on personal experiences.