Anaya Morrison

Intern, Mental Health Counselor

Anaya Morrison, a New York City native of African-American descent, passionately believes that childhood experiences shape individuals throughout their lives. Taking a holistic, trauma-informed approach, Anaya collaborates closely with her clients to explore the impact of their diverse experiences on their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, both internally and in relation to the world around them.

She fosters a nurturing environment where clients can openly share and explore their experiences, working collaboratively to develop coping strategies for overcoming past and present challenges. This process aims to establish a resilient foundation that nurtures growth and support within and beyond the therapeutic connection.

Dedicated to offering therapy as a platform for self-exploration, Anaya helps clients understand how their behaviors influence their goals and encourages them to embrace their strengths. In her warm and supportive space, clients feel empowered to pursue personal growth and fulfillment.