Ashlin Randolph

Ph.D / Social Worker Candidate

Ashlin Randolph is an educator, writer, and current MSW/Ph.D. student studying Social Work at
the University at Albany (SUNY). Inspired by the intersectionality present in her experiences,
Ashlin’s practice is rooted in dissecting the roles mental health, education, and art play in
shaping cultural identity within diverse communities.
Ashlin attended Spelman College, where she completed her Bachelor of Art in Political Science.
After completing her BA from Spelman, Ashlin pursued her Master of Art at the Academy of Art
University in Fashion Journalism.
Ashlin takes a holistic approach to therapy through methods such as CBT, narrative therapy, and
strengths and solution-based therapy. Ashlin is also a Level 2 herbalism apprentice with the
Sacred Vibes Apothecary apprenticeship program.